If you're a DIY enthusiast, contractor, an existing stockist, or a potential new stockist looking for tips and information about our products and our company, you’ve come to the right place.

Founded in 1985, Eureka pre-packed fasteners started off as a sideline business. As more and more people started asking for pre-packed fasteners, as opposed to loose stock, it became clear that there was a great demand.

We started off out of a garage and used old ice-cream vans to drive from store to store to sell and deliver our products in one shot. The business grew fast and Eureka soon became big enough to justify office space with a warehouse. 

In 1990 we added drill bits to the mix as we saw 90% of all fasteners used needed a hole.

In 1995 we added Fort Knox pad locks, door locks and door handles to our portfolio as it fitted in well with our business model and there was a great opportunity in the market at the time.

 Our newest addition, Must Haves, which was launched in 2015 covers fast moving consumer items targeted at hardware stores. These include items such as batteries, flashlights, tapes, handy tools, rope and binding wire. 

Since 1985 Eureka has moved offices five times in order to increase capacity and we now have around 35 000m2 factory and office space.

Today, Eureka is one of Southern Africa’s largest suppliers of pre-packed fasteners and fixers, security products and general DIY items. We have 2000+ products aimed at contractors, DIY’ers and hobbyists.

We have 600+ employees and we fulfill core business processes in-house; from IT, to Distribution and Human Resources. We manufacture some products in-house and will in future explore more opportunities when local manufacturing makes good business sense.

We deliver to 2100 stores across South Africa with our fleet of trucks.