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A bolt looks similar to screws, but has much finer threads and is used to fasten objects together. This can be achieved by either fastening into the last object by means of a threaded hole or pushing the bolt through all the objects and compressing them together with a nut.

Types available

Gutter bolt

Hook bolt

Machine screw

Machine screw versions

Countersunk machine screw

  • The countersunk machine screw has a flat countersunk head.
  • Ideal for application where a flush finish is required.

Cheesehead machine screw

  • Features a rounded head as well as deep slots in the head to allow increased driving power.

Set screw



Extra information

Cover plate screw

Door knob screw

Available sizing:
Countersunk Cheesehead Set screw Cover plate screw Door knob screw
 4x 12mm        5x 12mm        6x 20mm       3.5x12mm 4x 25mm       
 5x 12mm        5x 20mm        6x 50mm         4x 35mm       
 3x 16mm        4x 20mm        6x12mm          4x 60mm       
 4x 16mm        4x 30mm        6x20mm           
 5x 20mm        5x 30mm        6x30mm           
 4x 25mm        5x 50mm        6x40mm           
 3x 25mm        4x 60mm        6x50mm           
 5x 30mm        5x 75mm        6x60mm           
 4x 40mm        8x 20mm      
 4x 50mm        8x 50mm      
 6x 50mm       10x 20mm      
 5x 50mm       10x 50mm      
 5x 60mm      
 4x 75mm