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Coach Screws

Coach Screws can be used for heavy duty construction work where you want to fix wood to wood or metal to wood. They are designed with a hexagonal head and, therefore, require a wrench or socket spanner to be tightened or unscrewed. Manufactured from mild steel, the galvanising coating gives it extra protection against rust.

These screws have broad heads, preventing them from pulling into the wood and enabling them to compress the substrates together, making them a good choice for joints that see heavy use.

Pilot holes
All Coach Screws require a pilot hole before they're screwed into place, no matter what type of wood you are working with. Drill the pilot hole 2mm smaller than the size Coach Screw used.

Coach screws can also be used in conjunction with wall plugs for anchoring heavy objects, such as TV arm or satellite dishes, into masonry or concrete.

It is, however, important to note that Coach Screws should never be over tightened as this could cause the screw to break off.

Important information

Tighten the coach screw with the correct size spanner.

Coach screws are made from mild steel, do NOT overtighten as they WILL break

Available sizing:
5 x 40mm 8 x 30mm 10 x 40mm 12 x 65mm
5 x 60mm 8 x 40mm 10 x 50mm 12 x 90mm
6 x 30mm 8 x 50mm 10 x 60mm
6 x 40mm 8 x 60mm 10 x 75mm
6 x 50mm 8 x 75mm 10 x 90mm
6 x 60mm 8 x 90mm 10 x100mm
6 x 75mm 10 x125mm
10 x150mm

Drill Tips

For masonry, use the Masonry bit.

For concrete use SDS bits.

Use a stop-start motion to prevent drill bit overheating.