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Corrugated Fasteners

A corrugated fastener is a thin strip of metal, with a pattern of alternating grooves and one sharp end along its length, used to make wood joints. It’s these grooves that give this fastener is surprisingly high holding power and durability.

These fasteners can be an alternative to screws, nails, or more specialised joining methods, such as dowels or biscuits. They can be used to make many different types of wood joints but are most commonly used to join mitred wood joints such as that of picture frames.

Corrugated fasteners, however, lends itself to a rougher finish and require the finish to be hidden from view (as the case with picture frames).

The installation is done by hand using a hammer and care should be taken as they can split the wood. Therefore, refrain from installing them in the same direction as the wood grain to minimise the chances of the wood splitting.

Available sizing:
25mm x 16mm      
25mm x 19mm