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Cut Screws

Unique Cutting Point

Cutting POint Screws have a Type 17 cutting point to cut into wood, thus eliminating need for pilot holes.

Square Drive

Bit fits snugly into screw head, leading to:

FREE square
bit inside packs!

Types Available

General Purpose screws

All these screws are coated in yellow passivation, making them rust resistant. They are perfect for general carpentry jobs where you want to fix wood to wood or metal to wood.
Stainless Steel screws
Stainless Steel Cut Screws are completely rust proof which makes them ideal for exterior applications such as the construction of decks. They are also perfect for fastening jobs at coastal areas where normal zinc coated or yellow passivated screws are susceptible to rust.
Decking screws
The Ruspert™ Coating on these screws is 13 times more rust resistant than standard zinc coatings. They are specifically designed to be less visible once construction is completed and are therefore wood coloured and have trim heads. These characteristics make them ideal for the building of decks, pergolas and balustrades.

Smooth shank version
Used when fixing wood to wood. The smooth shank part of the screw allows it to spin in the top piece of wood and at the same time pull the bottom piece tightly against the top piece, thus leaving no gap between the two. The smooth shank also prevents the screw head from pulling into the top piece of wood while it is driven into the bottom piece.

Full thread version
Used when fixing metal to wood. Unlike smooth shank screws, when driving in full thread screws, the top material cannot move along the shank. Instead, it is held in place by the threads.
Available sizing:
Full Thread Smooth Shank Smooth Shank Stainless Decking Screws
3.5 x 30mm 3.5 x 40mm 4.0 x 30mm 4.0 x 40mm
4.0 x 20mm 4.0 x 30mm 4.5 x 40mm 4.0 x 50mm
4.0 x 30mm 4.0 x 35mm 4.5 x 50mm 4.5 x 60mm
4.0 x 40mm 4.0 x 40mm 5.0 x 60mm 5.0 x 75mm
4.5 x 30mm 4.0 x 50mm
4.5 x 40mm 4.0 x 60mm
5.0 x 25mm 4.0 x 75mm
5.0 x 30mm 4.0 x 100mm
4.5 x 40mm
4.5 x 45mm
5.0 x 30mm
5.0 x 40mm
5.0 x 50mm
5.0 x 60mm
5.0 x 75mm
6.0 x 40mm
6.0 x 50mm
6.0 x 60mm
6.0 x 75mm
6.0 x 100mm
6.0 x 120mm

Ideal for wood to wood
and metal to wood

Drill Tips

Use a high torque power-drill with clutch.

Drill a pilot hole for hard wood or for thicker screws or for precision woodwork.