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Decking Screws

The Ruspert™ Coating on these screws is 13 times more rust resistant than standard zinc coatings. They are specifically designed to be less visible once construction is completed and are therefore wood coloured and have a trim heads. These characteristics make them ideal for the building of decks, pergolas and balustrades.

Unique Cutting Point

Cutting POint Screws have a Type 17 cutting point to cut into wood, thus eliminating need for pilot holes.

Trim Head with Square Drive

Bit fits snugly into screw head, leading to:

FREE square
bit inside packs!

Available sizing:
Decking Screws
4.0 x 40mm
4.0 x 50mm
4.5 x 60mm
5.0 x 75mm

Ideal for wood to wood
and metal to wood

Drill Tips

Use a high torque power-drill with clutch.

Drill a pilot hole for hard wood or for thicker screws or for precision woodwork.

Or Use:

Stainless Steel screw
  • Screws are completely rust proof.
  • Ideal for the construction of decks at coastal areas where rust is a major problem.