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Threaded Hooks

Picture Eye

Small threaded eye which can be screwed into the back of lightweight pictures so that a length of cord can be suspended between the two and finally hung onto a hook on the wall.

Screw Eye

Threaded eyes that look similar to that of the Picture Eye, but slightly larger, and can be screwed into slightly heavier pictures so that it can be hung on a wall.

Curtain Hook & Eye

Curtain Hooks and Eyes are used in conjunction with curtain wire to hang curtains. The threaded ends of both the hooks and the eyes are the perfect size to be securely screwed into curtain wire.

By feeding the curtain wire through the lace curtain and then screwing in either a hook or an eye into the ends of the curtain wire, the lace curtain can then be easily hung onto brackets used to hang the main curtain.

Swag Hook

A decorative hook that can be used to hang lightweight light fixtures and planters.

The hook features a threaded section and comes with a wall plug so that it can be securely installed into a wall.