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Machine Screws and Nuts

Machine screws are uniformly threaded screws, meaning they maintain the exact same diameter throughout the entire length of the threaded section of the fastener, unlike wood or chipboard screws which have tapered threads.

Machine screws can be used to fasten components together by means of through holes and secured with a nut at the other end. But they can also be used to fasten components together by passing the machine screw through the parts and then threading it into the rearmost component.

As the name suggests, these screws can be used to fasten components in machines, tools, appliances and electronic devices.

Types available

Countersunk machine screw

The countersunk machine screw has a flat countersunk head for application where a flush finish is required.

Cheesehead machine screw

Features a relatively tall, rounded, head with cylindrical sides as well as deep slots in the head to allow increased driving power.

Available sizing:
Countersunk Cheesehead
 4x 12mm        5x 12mm      
 5x 12mm        5x 20mm      
 3x 16mm        4x 20mm      
 4x 16mm        4x 30mm      
 5x 20mm        5x 30mm      
 4x 25mm        5x 50mm      
 3x 25mm        4x 60mm      
 5x 30mm        5x 75mm      
 4x 40mm      
 4x 50mm      
 6x 50mm      
 5x 50mm      
 5x 60mm      
 4x 75mm