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Mirror screws

Mirror screws are specialised screws used to elegantly fasten a mirror to a wall without the need for additional brackets.

The screw features a countersunk slotted head drive with a threaded hole which enables the included cover caps, which gives the installation a stylish look, to be screwed on.

Additionally the screws come with tapered rubber grommets which prevent the screws from pressing directly on the mirror.

These screws and cover caps are zinc coated, making them rust resistant, and can therefore be used in a bathroom setting where moisture is common.

To install a mirror with Mirror Screws, the following is required:



Drill Tips

Use the Eureka Tile Drill bit to drill holes in the mirror.

Drill at low speed with medium pressure

Water cooling is necessary

DO NOT use the drill on hammer action

Use a piece of masking tape where hole is to be drilled to minimise wandering