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A nut is a type of fastener that has a threaded hole and is used together with bolts to fasten a stack of parts together by means of a compression force.

Types available

Nyloc nut

Hex nut, with a collar which holds a nylon insert, for the purpose of increasing locking force and preventing the nut from coming loose.

Dome nut

As its name suggests, the one side of the nut is dome shaped.

Wing nut

Nut with a pair of wings to enable fastening and loosening by hand without tools.

Hex nut

Fastener that can be used for a variety of fastening tasks that involve set screws or bolts.

Coupling nut

Also known as an extension nut and is primarily used to connect (or extend) threaded rod.

Square nut

Available sizing:
Hex nut Nyloc nut Dome nut Coupling nut Square nut Wing nut
3mm 3mm M3    5mm M6 6mm 5mm
4mm 4mm M4 6mm M8   6mm
5mm 5mm M5 8mm M10   8mm
6mm 6mm M6       10mm
8mm 8mm M8       12mm
10mm 10mm M10        
12mm 12mm M12        
16mm 16mm M16        
20mm 20mm M20