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Panel Pins

Panel pins are fine gauge nails for undertaking delicate woodworking jobs as they are not likely to split the material being used. They are commonly used in cabinet making, joinery and attaching mouldings and veneer.

Panel pins are lightweight and small when compared to other nails, and when used correctly, are barely visible on finished products. They are popular among cabinet makers who do dovetail nailing – the act of strengthening butt joints by driving in the nails at an angle to add strength to the joint.

After insertion, a punch can be used to tap the countersunk heads of the nails so that they sit slightly below the surface of the wood, where after wood filler can be used to completely hide the nails.

Important information

When using panel pins to join pieces of wood, it’s a good idea to also use wood glue to provide some additional strength to the joint.

Available sizing:
13 x 1.20mm   
16 x 1.50mm   
19 x 1.50mm   
25 x 1.50mm   
32 x 1.50mm   
40 x 2.00mm   
50 x 2.50mm