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Tek Screws

Extra information


Available sizing:
Coarse Thread Truss Head Long Cutting Point
   5.5x 16mm   4.2x 16mm 5.5x 25mm
   5.5x 20mm   4.2x 22mm  
   5.5x 25mm      
   5.5x 38mm      
   5.5x 50mm      
   5.5x 60mm      
   5.5x 65mm      
   5.5x 70mm      
   5.5x 90mm    

Drill Tips

Use a high torque power-drill
with clutch.

Use a 8mm nut setter to drive in Hex Head Top speed screws

Use With

Bonded Washers

When using Tek Screws for roofing, use bonded washers to achieve a watertight seal