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Threaded Rods

As the name implies, it’s a length of rod that is threaded throughout. It can be used in applications where a certain length bolt is not available, for example, during the building of pergolas or decking structures where thick pieces of material need to be fastened together.

Due to the lack of bolts of a sufficient length, threaded rod can be cut to the correct length, pushed through the material and then secured from both ends, thus compressing the material together.

Threaded rod can also be used to hang objects, like vertical gardens, overhead. It may also be used as a projecting fastener in walls and floors – where the threaded rod protrudes from the surface – and an item such as a safe is placed over the threaded rod and then secured.

Available sizing:
 5mm x 1m     
 6mm x 1m     
 8mm x 1m     
10mm x 1m     
12mm x 1m     
16mm x 1m     
20mm x 1m     

Use With

Coupling Nut

Coupling nuts are long nuts used to connect two pieces of threaded rod