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Top Speed Screws

These fasteners are suitable for securing corrugated or IBR roof sheeting into soft and hard wood. Used in conjunction with bonded washers, this installation will ensure a water tight seal, thus preventing any water ingress.

The Top speed screws feature are Type 17 cutting point which makes a one-step installation process possible; meaning (depending on the type of wood used) no pre-drilling or pilot holes are required. The screws are sharp and hard enough to easily go through roof sheeting, all the way into the wood rafters/structure below.

The yellow passivation coating means the screws are protected from rust – making them perfect for outdoor applications.

If old roofing nails are leading to problems, such as a leaking roof, don’t despair. The Top speed screws feature deep and coarse threads allowing you to simply remove the old roofing nails and then securing the roof sheeting with the Top speed screw and bonded washer combination.

Important information

The 10mm nut setter is required to drive in the Top speed screws. Simply place the nut setter in an electric drill and you’ll be able to effortlessly drive in these screws.

Available sizing:

Drill Tips

Use a high torque power-drill
with clutch.

Use a 10mm nut setter to drive in the Top speed screws

Use With

Bonded Washers

Use the Top Speed Screws with bonded washers to achieve a watertight seal