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Washers are thin circular – and sometimes square – pieces of metal with a hole in its centre used in conjunction with screws or bolts to distribute the load the fastener is applying to an object.

Types available

Spring washer

Extra information
If the spring washer is too small to span over the distance of a hole, a large flat washer and a Nyloc nut should be used instead.

Cup washer



Square washer

Flat washer


Available sizing:
Countersunk Cheesehead
 4x 12mm        5x 12mm      
 5x 12mm        5x 20mm      
 3x 16mm        4x 20mm      
 4x 16mm        4x 30mm      
 5x 20mm        5x 30mm      
 4x 25mm        5x 50mm      
 3x 25mm        4x 60mm      
 5x 30mm        5x 75mm      
 4x 40mm      
 4x 50mm      
 6x 50mm      
 5x 50mm      
 5x 60mm      
 4x 75mm