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Wing toggle plug and screw

Extra information

Simple Installation:

Drill a 10mm hole in the drywall.
It is very important that the hole is not too large as the toggle plug will then not grip properly

Fold the wings of the plug in as tightly as
you can.

Insert the plug through the hole you have drilled.
If needed, lightly tap it home with a hammer

Place screw in plug and tighten.
The shuttle will draw back, opening the wings and securing the plug in place

Recommended Eureka screws:
1BE50U 3.5mm x 41mm Drywall screw
1BC70U 3.9mm x 50mm Drywall screw
1BC80U 4.2mm x 60mm Drywall screw

Available sizing:


Drill Tips

It is important to ensure that the hole is not drilled too large, as the plug needs to grip in the wall to work properly