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Wood Screws and Plugs

Extra information
Wall plugs can be used with any of the following wood screws:

Types Available

Steel countersunk
  • Tend to rust fairly quickly and easily.
  • Should mainly be used for antique furniture construction or restoration.
Brass plated countersunk
  • Brass plating provides some protection against corrosion.
  • Required where brass hardware is used and matching screws are required
Nickel plated raised head
  • Nickel plating leaves a shiny finish.
  • Raised head adds a decorative element.
Available sizing:
3.5 x 30mm    
4.0 x 30mm    
4.0 x 50mm    
4.5 x 38mm    
5.0 x 45mm    
5.0 x 63mm    
5.5 x 75mm   

Drill Tips

For masonry, use the Masonry bit.

For concrete use SDS bits.

Use a stop-start motion to prevent drill bit overheating.