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Expansion Bolts

Other Types available

Expansion bolt & Eye
Expansion bolt & Hook
Expansion projecting bolt

Install Anchor

Position Object

Secure with nut





Important information

These anchors should not be used for safety harness
applications or for lifting where shock load could be applied.

Available sizing:
Expansion Bolt Expansion Bolt with Hook Expansion Bolt with Eye Projection Bolt
5 x 50mm 6 x 45mm 8 x 60mm 8 x 110mm
6 x 55mm 10 x 70mm 10 x 110mm
8 x 65mm
8 x 114mm
10 x 70mm
10 x 116mm
12 x 90mm

Drill Tips

For masonry, use the Masonry bit.

For concrete use SDS bits.

Use a stop-start motion to prevent drill bit overheating.