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Basin Plug Black

General use 38mm black basin plug for home or office.

Bath Plug Black

General use 44mm black bath plug.

Bath Plug Self Seating

General use bath plug self seating.

Cable Clip Flat

Keep your flat wires neat, tidy and out of the way.

Cable Clip Round

Keep your round wires neat, tidy and out of the way.

Double Roller Catch

The Double Roller Catch with Spring is a frequently used ...

Hose Clamps

Clamp used to tighten, or seal, a hose onto a fitting.

Magnetic Door Catch

Ultra strong magnet door catch. Great for use on cabinet ...

Glass Clip

Retaining clips used to install glass into cabinets or ...

PVC Insulation Tape

Used to insulate electrical wires that conduct electricity.

Shelf Support

Used on the inside of cupboards to keep a shelf in place.

Double Sided Tape

Has adhesive on both sides and used to hang light objects.

Trimming Knife Blades

Spare blades for a standard utility knife.

Washer Beta

Washer that prevents water in toilet cistern from flowing ...

Tap Washer

Component preventing water from coming out of a tap when ...

Cable Ties

General purpose fastener and organizer